The Exposure collection, which is also accompanied by the Transparent Intimacy exhibition, explores an interpretation of true vulnerability as the process of defining ourselves as humans and separating the false connection between the demonstration of emotion and weakness in character. Vulnerability is often mistaken as a breach in the protective shells of a person, when in reality there should be no shell or boundaries. A truly vulnerable person willingly exposes himself/herself and demonstrates his/her confidence in each part of his/her identity. The authenticity in this type of living produces intimacy and interconnectedness within communities. These ideas of interconnectedness and human development are conveyed through the diverse material composition, transparency and structure/lack of structure within the garments, and the incorporation of chaotic yet composed portraits. The different materials and techniques include acrylic on vinyl, manipulated organza, portraiture, and hand-weaving from a frame loom. The daring yet fragile transparency of parts of the garments purposefully expose the body, while the balance of the various elements resonates with the promotion of human relationships.

Exposure Thesis Video

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