The Transparent Intimacy exhibition in Sunset Park, Brooklyn comprised of my vinyl portraits and weaves, which were in conjunction with the Exposure collection, and a series of objects inspired by nostalgia from artist Miriam Vergara. The work explores the concept of true vulnerability as a positive component of defining ourselves as humans and to achieving self-acceptance. Often times, people mistakenly define vulnerability by its association to weakness. The term actually describes the occurrence in which a person has willingly exposed himself/herself to the world, but with complete trust in each part of his/her identity. The individual understands the consequences of doing so, but chooses to live without boundaries. Painful experiences are difficult to bear, but the aftermath catalyzes relationships within communities and provides people with access to an authentic life. These ideas of interconnectedness and human development are conveyed through the diverse material composition of the weaves and the chaotic versus neat visual elements of the vinyl portraits. The textiles include strips of painted vinyl, portraits of humans, and other materials to create an interesting juxtaposition between the appearance and actual resilience of the textiles. The meticulous crafting by the human hand adds to the overall delicate feeling. The attractive imperfections of the appearance of the work resonate with the message of embracing vulnerability. In addition, the graphic line drawings on the vinyl depicts the exposed emotions of people and reinforces them through interesting brushstrokes.

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